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Astonishing Nails Acrylic Liquid

Astonishing Nails Acrylic Liquid

Product Code: NAS001
Product Tags: Nails, Acrylic, Acrylic Liquid

Brand: Astonishing Nails
Size: 50ml
  • €10.95 (ex VAT)
Astonishing monomer (liquid) ingredients create
a high-performance liquid monomer with proprietary rights. This custom blend of ingredients
provides superior adhesion, color stability, and a
perfect balance of rigidity and toughness (virtually eliminating any chipping or cracking) in the nail
enhancement. Reduced odor when used professionally and within a professional environment.
Prepare the natural nail plate by removing the
cuticle, removing any surface contaminants, and
dehydrating the natural nail with Astonishing Blue
Scrub and a nail wipe. (Apply primer if deemed
necessary) Sculpt the nail with Astonishing#s monomer (liquid) in combination with Astonishing
powders. Mix ratio should between 1.5 # 2-part liquid to 1-part powder. Finish to a high shine using
Astonishing#s optimal selection of the highest
quality of files


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